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DAT with Robert Nilsson in the lead, has over 30 years in the business. Robert is a Certified Dolby bioprocessor technologies by Dolby Laboratories in England. He also possesses a certified training of Synergetic Audio Concepts of EASE Class 1 and 2 in the United States.


DAT is probably also the only Swedish company that holds a full license of acoustic simulation software EASE 4.4.


The main focus is installation, consulting and acoustics calculations. within the Professional Audio, Video & bio sector. Our equipment park for the acoustic and electric sound and image measurements of the largest in Sweden.


Our goal is to deliver customized system. By tailoring the system to the customer's needs and circumstances, we achieve optimal overall solution for the customer.


Some such examples are the Stockholms Stadium 100 th anniversary, where we installed a software-based audio systems where thousands of parameters and settings are programmed for different applications that nevertheless ushers can run

As the only Swedish companies, we have also designed and quoted speaker solution to the new Wembley Stadium in England. And made Sweden's first church installation with loudspeakers directed base effect.





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